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V14 Portal Booking Sheet

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V14 Booking Sheet is a reservations tool which helps you automate your complete booking process and work faster with your clients. This interactive feature allows you to effectively display and organize your searches as well as to quickly check all the important yacht details.

Infinitely Scroll Through Your Search

Infinite srcoll enables you to view your search results without any limitations or boundaries. Use your infinite scroll to go beyond the horizon.

Check Yacht Equipment at a Glance

Checking yacht equipment is now easier and much more intuitive. Check the icons displayed beneath each yacht in the V14 booking sheet saving your time.

Modify Your Offer

Offering yachts from providers that provide one-way charter enables you to create added charter variety for your clients. Modify your offers into one-way charters using the V14 booking sheet.
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Ema Škabar

Clients Speak For Themselves

Before using Booking Manager System, we were creating our offers at the beginning of the year and then copy and paste them manually when someone made an inquiry.

Ema Škabar,
General Manager, Orvas Yachting 16 5 6 37
Joachim Jensen Thorrud

Clients Speak For Themselves

Online booking feature makes everything so much easier for the customers, they can do everything themselves!

Joachim Jensen Thorrud,
Owner, Nautic Norway 16 5 6 37
Katarina Vujević Babara

Clients Speak For Themselves

Thanks to the Booking Manager it is possible for us to send automatic quick price offers, options and booking confirmations with a single click. That made us fast and accessible booking department.

Katarina Vujević Babara,
CEO, Euronautic 16 5 6 37