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Booking Manager Promo Codes

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Promo Codes are a uniquely effective way to distribute as well as a means of tracking the success of your discounted offers. Incentivise new partners to make a booking or use it to simply sell more charter weeks by leveraging the Booking Manager Promo Codes feature.

Create Promo Codes

Your Local Booking Manager allows you to create another type of discounts called Promo Codes. You can easily set up the discount percentages as well as duration and share it with a select group of clients.

Promo Codes on the Go

With Booking Manager Online, among many other functions, you can create unique Promo Codes from any device you have at hand by simply logging into booking-manager.com

Track Your Sales

The Promo Codes feature is particularly useful for Boat Shows allowing you to track the performance and success of your discount strategy. You can now quickly identify the specific sales that came through a particular Promo Code.
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Clients Speak For Themselves

We always dreamed that the client could be able to get all optional extras in a few clicks. That was not possible until MMK introduced the XML service, which enabled us to get all info about current discounts and availability.

Project Manager, YachtGuru/Velmundi 17 24 8 32
Wendy Linssen

Clients Speak For Themselves

International aspect of the Booking Manager System is an important advantage. In its portfolio one can find many worldwide agents which gives us the opportunity to quickly reach different markets with our yachts.

Wendy Linssen,
CEO, Linssen Boating Holidays 17 24 8 32
Tamara Jadrić

Clients Speak For Themselves

Booking Manager is our exclusive system for managing options and bookings and we really rely on it. It helps us plan our discount strategy by giving us overview of competitors in real time. Additionally, System enables us to create advanced reports important for our management.

Tamara Jadrić ,
CSO, Adriatic Sailing 17 24 8 32