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Pro Review Management

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Pro Review is a simple and effective way to gain even more distribution through the Booking Manager System by social proofing the added value of your charter services. Grow your reputation with your current partners and start being the prime choice to new partners by leveraging this new easy-to-use feature.

Leave a Review

Charter Agencies can easily scroll through their bookings and create a Pro review for any completed reservation but also recommend the charter company in general. Communicate your satisfaction with the cooperation using the star system and by leaving a comment.

Reply to the Review

Charter Suppliers can use Online Booking Manager to view all of their Pro reviews for the entire fleet. The notification icon will be visible in the navigation bar as soon as you log in to alert you to new reviews waiting for your replies.


The complete communication between the Charter Suppliers and Charter Agencies remains visible for both sides to be checked and revised at any point.
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Gorana Bardak

Clients Speak For Themselves

Booking Manager and LogIN are both specialists in charter business area creating herewith a valuable product for charter operators to speed up their work processes and enable them to make their business decisions on time.

Gorana Bardak,
Key Account Manager, LogIN 14 13 22 36
David Baxter

Clients Speak For Themselves

We have already noticed enquiries coming in from new sources and as the system is linked to our new website it is much easier for potential clients to find a good overall picture of our fleet and sailing areas.

David Baxter,
General Manager, Yildiz Yachting 14 13 22 36
Olivier Albahary

Clients Speak For Themselves

I appreciate Booking Manager as our primary system. It helps us to work easier and get real time worldwide availability. Furthermore, I appreciate their nice friendly team and efficiency. If every booking system could be so performant, I would be really happy.

Olivier Albahary,
CEO, The GlobeSailor 14 13 22 36