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Display Yacht Equipment

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Charter Operators can now easily create and modify their yacht equipment. It now takes just a few clicks to successfully add customized pieces of equipment to every yacht in your fleet, creating further distinction between the competition. This new representation of yacht equipment gives a clear opportunity for your agency partners to easily find and recognize the most fitting yachts for their clients.

Create and Modify Yacht Equipment

Charter Operators need to ensure that they correctly input the text and match it to the appropriate equipment category in the Local Booking Manager application, to have their fleet's yacht equipment visible throught the world's largest distribution system.

Easily Customize Your Fleet

Custimize your fleet's yacht equipment by adding all of the needed equipment to your yacht in a single step. Repeat this step to display the added value of your whole fleet!

Meet Your Client Needs

Charter Agencies are now able to immediately see and check specific yacht equipment in their searches. Use the Portal's added equipment filter to instantly find yacht that best meets your client needs.
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Gorana Bardak

Clients Speak For Themselves

Booking Manager and LogIN are both specialists in charter business area creating herewith a valuable product for charter operators to speed up their work processes and enable them to make their business decisions on time.

Gorana Bardak,
Key Account Manager, LogIN 25 13 17 37
Marija Blašković

Clients Speak For Themselves

Ultra Sailing is very satisfied with the fact that Booking Manager team is always at our service. They successfully adapt each new market request for our specific needs.

Marija Blašković,
Booking Manager, Ultra Sailing 25 13 17 37
Maja Šironja

Clients Speak For Themselves

We couldn't imagine working without the System! Also MMK staff is the most friendly and helpful, this is what we find very important!

Maja Šironja,
Booking Manager, Under The Heavens Sailing 25 13 17 37