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Display Yacht Equipment

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Charter Operators can now easily create and modify their yacht equipment. It now takes just a few clicks to successfully add customized pieces of equipment to every yacht in your fleet, creating further distinction between the competition. This new representation of yacht equipment gives a clear opportunity for your agency partners to easily find and recognize the most fitting yachts for their clients.

Create and Modify Yacht Equipment

Charter Operators need to ensure that they correctly input the text and match it to the appropriate equipment category in the Local Booking Manager application, to have their fleet's yacht equipment visible throught the world's largest distribution system.

Easily Customize Your Fleet

Custimize your fleet's yacht equipment by adding all of the needed equipment to your yacht in a single step. Repeat this step to display the added value of your whole fleet!

Meet Your Client Needs

Charter Agencies are now able to immediately see and check specific yacht equipment in their searches. Use the Portal's added equipment filter to instantly find yacht that best meets your client needs.
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Katarina Vujević Babara

Clients Speak For Themselves

Thanks to the Booking Manager it is possible for us to send automatic quick price offers, options and booking confirmations with a single click. That made us fast and accessible booking department.

Katarina Vujević Babara,
CEO, Euronautic 16 27 30 36
Tonka Ugrinić

Clients Speak For Themselves

By using Booking Manager we have increased the number of bookings, cut down the office expenses and sped up the whole booking process. We simply would not be one of the best if we weren't using it!

Tonka Ugrinić,
Sales Manager, Angelina Yachtcharter 16 27 30 36
Kirstie Palmer

Clients Speak For Themselves

"When I joined Waypoints, I decided that we switch to MMK booking system and it was possibly the best thing we decided to do. We have a great API which automatically talks to our booking system and goes to our website. So we update everything and it's always up to the minute updated on our website. We also have our owners that can go and see their calendars and we are bringing in much, much more with MMK. They've been a great help to Waypoints!"

Kirstie Palmer,
PRESIDENT at Waypoints 16 27 30 36