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Early Bird Applications for Summit 2021 are Open Now

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  • Early Bird Applications for Summit 2021 are Open Now

As we have closed the Booking Manager Summit 2020 chapter and labelled it as well done, we continued to work on the Summit 2021 project! We are a company of continuous growth, and we like to see the Summit as our baby that needs constant care to develop and prosper. That is precisely what we did again this year! Check our new Summit 2021 website and see the new keynote speakers we have prepared for you! Chris Croft as a sales captain that will navigate your sales efforts and rocket your profit, or maybe Andy Preston, who will teach you leadership skills to help you manage everyday tasks, and many more speakers to come.

Join us 10th to 12th of November in Zagreb, Croatia, for Booking Manager Summit 2021 live or virtually. Learn from the professionals in the field and brush up on your skills to help you enhance your yacht charter business.

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