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Sailsense Integration

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Booking Manager has partnered with Sailsense to offer our clients an even better solution. Connect the Booking Sheet of your Local Booking Manager Application to Sailsense rental section.

Synchronize Your Calendar

Save time and avoid repetitive administration tasks by synchronizing the Booking Sheet of Booking Manager with the Rental section in Sailsense. No need to insert twice the same reservations; use the MMK import function in the tab Rental and synchronize all new bookings.

Digital Check-In

Don't stress at the base, simplify the check-in and check-out procedure by using the Sailsense check-in app. All the reservations will be displayed in your account thanks to the connected calendars in order to make the procedure even easier for you and your staff.

All Documents In One Place

Keep track of the boat's usage, save all the check-in and check-out information in one place. After the charter is completed, get the PDF with the boat's usage and the check-in and check-out file signed by the client directly in the reservation documents of your Booking Manager.

Start Organizing Your Work

To get the Booking Manager and Sailsense new integration, please fill your info here


Clients Speak For Themselves

We always dreamed that the client could be able to get all optional extras in a few clicks. That was not possible until MMK introduced the XML service, which enabled us to get all info about current discounts and availability.

Project Manager, YachtGuru/Velmundi 13 8 11 32
Tina Gazin

Clients Speak For Themselves

We are using Booking Manager now for five years and it has made our work much easier. The program is good in general for running the business and having it all at one place, reachable from wherever you might be at the moment.

Tina Gazin,
General Manager, SunLife 13 8 11 32
Gorana Bardak

Clients Speak For Themselves

Booking Manager and LogIN are both specialists in charter business area creating herewith a valuable product for charter operators to speed up their work processes and enable them to make their business decisions on time.

Gorana Bardak,
Key Account Manager, LogIN 13 8 11 32