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Revenue Planning

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Revenue Planning is a unique feature that allows you insight into market prices and helps you plan your pricing strategy. Compare your prices with your local competitors and make sure you are not losing money by giving too much discount or losing clients by overpricing.

Get Ahead of Competition

Booking Manager scans the entire System in real-time and shows you the total number and average prices of competitor boats in the region and the percentage of booked boats similar to yours.

This insight allows you to promptly adjust your discounts and get ahead of the competition.

Compare Prices

This feature is precise and enables you to instantly modify prices by adjusting the discounts according to specific yacht details.

You can compare prices by base, region and flexibility in year and length matching, providing you with accurate data.

Discount Strategy

Revenue Planning helps you make the right move to gather more bookings.

If your price is lower than the average, you can decrease the discount, and if it's higher, you can increase your discount to raise your chances of booking.

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Joachim Jensen Thorrud

Clients Speak For Themselves

Online booking feature makes everything so much easier for the customers, they can do everything themselves!

Joachim Jensen Thorrud,
Owner, Nautic Norway 37 11 6 38
Tina Gazin

Clients Speak For Themselves

We are using Booking Manager now for five years and it has made our work much easier. The program is good in general for running the business and having it all at one place, reachable from wherever you might be at the moment.

Tina Gazin,
General Manager, SunLife 37 11 6 38
Adriana Bošnjak

Clients Speak For Themselves

“We were looking for a way to offer real-time availability online but did not want to compromise on the way our yachts and crew were presented.  OSH priority is a high-end service after all. With Booking Manager option for  the Crewed Charter we don't need to compromise! Our fleet and most importantly our crew is presented in a modern way and we are able to showcase it to over 5000 Booking Manager broker partners! Finally, we have a solution to increase the bookings and organise our operations!"

Adriana Bošnjak,
Charter Broker at Ocean Sailing House 37 11 6 38