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Control Your Last Minute Bookings

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Get control over your calendar and manage the last-minute bookings with the least effort, thanks to the tool available in Booking Manager for Charter Operators.

Limit Options

Don’t get your whole fleet blocked by one client shopping around; set the maximum number of concurrent options that an agent can have at the same time to make sure you offer all the available boats and increase the possibility of getting bookings.

Options On Waiting

In hectic periods, keeping track of options and expirations while trying to fill the occupancy of the boat might be tricky. Set Booking Manager to accept the option on waiting and ensure that the existing options are automatically deleted to get the best chance to fill your boat.

max waiting options

Allow only a maximum number of options on waiting for your fleet and reduce the waiting line. Once the limit is reached, the agents will not be able to add more options on waiting until the number goes below the max.

Days prior Check-In

Don’t get surprised by last-second bookings; set up how many days before the charter departure you allow bookings. Be ready to welcome the guest on board in the best conditions and handle the paperwork procedures in time without compromising on the service level.

Revenue Planning

Your best tool to ensure you maximise your profit, not only before the season start, is the Planning Revenue tool; check occupancy and pricing for competing fleets, set the best offer for the available boats and keep your revenue goal on track.

Start Organizing Your Work

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Clients Speak For Themselves

We always dreamed that the client could be able to get all optional extras in a few clicks. That was not possible until MMK introduced the XML service, which enabled us to get all info about current discounts and availability.

Project Manager, YachtGuru/Velmundi 10 31 8 32
Zeki Yücel

Clients Speak For Themselves

Booking Manager System was our first and only choice when starting a charter agency because of their know-how and reputation built over more than 12 years in this market.

Zeki Yücel,
Co-owner, Bavaria Yacht Broker 10 31 8 32
Rasika Twist

Clients Speak For Themselves

"We are delighted to launch our new website with Booking Manager. We chose booking manager as our partners as they offered the functionality to display live availability on our website along with modern, sleek website design. We are optimistic that the new website will bring more sales and new clients to Conch Charters."

Rasika Twist,
Office Manager at Conch Charter 10 31 8 32