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IBCS Anchored

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IBCS-Anchored provides a unique service in supporting all operators in demonstrating their compliance with the ISO international standards for yacht charter

Anchored Certificate

IBCS-Anchored offers charter operators the opportunity to develop and improve their business to meet the ISO 20410 International bareboat charter standards. We target our service at the charter base managers with a self assessment survey that allows the managers and key personnel to assess their operation with the ISO 20410 standards and Verify they are working with these standards.

Guarantee Quality Service

IBCS-Anchored Verify charter operators know the ISO 20410 International standards. They work with charter operators to develop a Best Practice policy for the company, its personnel and the customer. Business investment starts with the development of managers and personnel with quality training programs that promote working skills that guarantee quality service by a confident capable workforce.

Improving Industry Together

IBCS-Anchored, in conjunction with MMK (as a world-leading producer of advanced business management and online booking solutions for the yacht charter industry) are together dedicated to improving standards across the charter industry & working together for you to continually develop, maintain and improve operator standards worldwide.
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