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Crew List in Montenegro

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Crew Lists are important part of the preparations for charter and Booking Manager enables charter companies in Montenegro to gather the data about passengers and print the legal registration form in just few clicks

Crew List for Port Authority

Montenegro charter companies are able to issue compulsory crew lists automatically from the Booking Manager application. Legal form is respected and ready to be confirmed by the Harbour Master Office.

Fast Crew List Links

Along with the Law and Regulations compliancy Booking Manager crew list links feature helps you work faster. Send a link to your guest or Agent to insert crew data and quickly issue official Montenegro Crew List in multiple languages such as Serbian, Croatian, Russian or English as well.

Gathering Data

In just a few clicks all of your needed data about each passenger as well as each crew member is gathered in one place and ready to be exported in the format required by Montenegro Harbour Master. This allows you to work faster, more accurate and compliant with the regulations all at the same time.
Thomas Stelzl

Clients Speak For Themselves

Our work is much faster and easier now. With Booking Manager search engine on our website, our clients can see which yachts are available and book them on their own.

Thomas Stelzl,
Owner, Stelzl Yachtcharter 19 4 36 36
Zoran Pelikan

Clients Speak For Themselves

XML gave us the possibility to work faster and well organized as well as to search for the most specific needs of individual client's wishes and programs that we offer.

Zoran Pelikan,
CEO, Macrocruise 19 4 36 36
Sergej Semjonovs

Clients Speak For Themselves

“Sailing DNA website is our online answer to the question of how to empower individuals to explore the world's oceans and embrace the thrill of sailing. Thanks to the MMK team we can now share our passion and years of experience with our clients on our website where we can clearly show that our charters are designed to create lasting bonds between sailors, the sea, and the environment.”

Sergej Semjonovs,
Director at Sailing DNA 19 4 36 36