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SailMe Charter

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Fast-Growing Charter Business With Maintaining High Level Charter Service

SailMe founders were working like skippers in the yacht charter market, and after years of experience on charter boats, they decided to buy a yacht. The start of the charter business in 2015 was with one quite old boat, but it was the beginning of the bareboat charter part of the company and since then, SailMe is continuously increasing fleet.

Their 16 boats are based on Tenerife, Ibiza, and Martinique. SailMe team consists of up to 10 people, half of them are technical staff, and the others are accountant and sales department, social media manager, and booking department. Since they are a growing company, one of their main objectives is to constantly extend infrastructure to cover future needs. Ivan started with one quite old boat, but now his company has 16 boats and one of the newest fleets in Ibiza. SailMe team has a great passion for sailing. All of them are sailors, and given that valuable experience, they perfectly understand every client's needs. That is a crucial point in maintaining a high level of clients satisfaction. SailMe future plans are to expand and become an international company.

"MMK is one of the key reasons of so fast and explosive growth of our company. The thing is, there is no real competitor to MMK. MMK is another level of company. MMK is must have and other booking systems are far away."

Ivan Briukhovets

SailMe Charter
SailMe Charter
SailMe Charter
SailMe Charter
SailMe Charter

Benefiting From Exclusive Partnership With Booking Manager

SailMe has been using Booking Manager from the very beginning of their business since they had one boat. Their statistics show that 85 percent of their clients are going through MMK. SailMe team uses many Booking Manager features as instruments to check the market and compare prices with other companies.

They find Revenue planning very useful because of its functionality to monitor market demand for a certain type of boats. Also, SailMe checks the market on a daily basis and adjust fleet prices by the current situation. It helps them sell more and faster. Besides Revenue planning, the most beneficial features in their everyday work are generating price quotes and Mailchimp connection to send customized campaigns. SailMe team uses Booking Manager as their only booking system on a daily basis.

  • Charter from Spain
  • 16 Yachts
  • Headquarters in Tenerife
  • MMK partner since 2016
  • CEO: Ivan Briukhovets
  • Founded in 2015


Le Marin Martinique

Marina San Miguel

Marina Port Ibiza