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North Sardinia Sail

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North Sardinia Sail is the largest charter operator specialized in chartering and selling of catamarans and sailboats in Italy. They consistently continue to deliver on their promise NSS – “Nobody Sails Smarter”. After 24 years, this agile company, has reached new heights within the European market. North Sardinia Sail was founded in 1998 by dr. Simone Morelli, a former officer of the Navy. At their beginnings, the fleet consisted of five yachts in Portisco base.

Today, North Sardinia Sail has a fleet of over 100 sailing yachts and catamarans. Quickly expanding on the number of catamarans in their fleet given the fact being a Lagoon Catamarans dealer which was awarded in 2022 as “The best Lagoon Catamarans dealer in Europe”. The majority of their current fleet is company and owned with a few exceptions of having a few of the yachts in charter management. Most of their fleet is equipped with teak deck, air conditioning, generator and cushions in the cockpit, in addition to standard equipment.

What makes their constant growth even more impressive is the fact that NSS extended the reach of their fleet from Italy all the way to Grenada in the British Virgin Islands enabling their guests to experience sailing even during the winter season.


North Sardinia Sail is a great planner and prefers to analyze their business each month, quarter and year. Before using Local Booking Manager program, North Sardinia Sail team spent a lot of time on checking overdue payments and managing it in spreadsheets by clicking on them one by one. After joining Booking Manager in 2006, they could easily filter out all needed financial reports by leveraging features like Payment Analyser, Revenue Planing and many others.

"With Booking Manager System, I can automatically send booking confirmations, display financial statistics and track overdue payments. It’s all there."

dr.Simone Morelli

North Sardinia Sail
North Sardinia Sail
North Sardinia Sail
North Sardinia Sail
North Sardinia Sail


Booking Manager was the first System North Sardinia Sail used from their humble beggining supporting their growth through continuous distribution and varrious features delivering benefits to NSS and their clients. Combination of North Sardinia Sail's professional service, attractive destinations and well-equipped and maintained yachts, is an excellent choice for many guests and a valuable fleet for Booking Manager System.


To have their client experience the premium sailboat chartering they offer personalized itineraries and a variety of ad hoc services per guest’s request. In addition, they provide a 24-hour assistance thus guaranteeing the feeling of reliability and safety onboard which is one of the key pillars for providing a successful holiday.

The company has always had a green perspective on sailing in general, ensuring that aboard their sailboats they provide as much of natural material as possible. Reducing the quantity of disposable plastic materials aboard to a minimum by offering glass and ceramic dinnerware as well as water makers to reduce the need for plastic bottles and utensils aboard their yachts.

The green attitude resonates really well with their clients with growing public concerns and raised awareness in terms of plastic pollution in seas and oceans, providing them with a unique selling perspective.

  • Charter Company from Italy
  • Headquarters in Tuscany
  • MMK partner since 2006
  • CEO: dr. Simone Morelli
  • Founded in 1998


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