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Nautika Centar Nava

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Nautika Centar Nava from Croatia, also known as Nava Boats, started sharing their passion for boating with great enthusiasm right from the very start of their charter business back in 1990s. As one of the charter pioneers in Croatia during the following years, Nautika Centar Nava managed to branch out their successful charter business to a great extent.

Today their business consists not only of Yacht Charter but it also includes Boat Sales and a Volvo-Penta Center leveraged to fully synergize between their three core businesses. Thus, Nava Boats managed to create a complete and unified solution for most, if not every, client need presenting in the charter market in Croatia and beyond. The width of experience-based services made Nautika Centar Nava one of the leading companies in the boating industry. The variety of services ranging from brokerage, assistance and consulting to charter management and personalized travel arrangements, solidifies the statement that Nava offers a complete solution to each specific type of client.


With growing experience, Nava Boats has constantly diversified its expertise and continued investing in employee competencies. Starting as a small family-owned company founded by the current General Manager - Dario Marijan, counting two employees, it now manages more than 30 full-time employees working around the clock to provide each client with the charming Nava Boats experience.

The continuous investments in both yachts and employees enabled Nava not only to spread the scope of their services but also persistently expand the number of boats and bases along the Croatian coastline while keeping top-of-the-line operational capabilities. The variety of more than 30 boats in their current charter offer is second to none, including Sailing Boats, Catamarans, Motor boats and Luxurious Motor Yachts. The rapid expansion of the number of boats was followed by the rising number of bases along the Croatian coast. The most recent of their four bases were opened in 2022 in the Northern Adriatic region. Marina Polesana in Pula opened an excellent starting point for Nava's clients to explore the Istrian peninsula and the Kvarner archipelago. Combining the locations of the bases provides the perfect opportunity for sea lovers to experience and reach any sail destination in Croatia or even skip across the Adriatic to Italy.

"The moment we were introduced to the Booking Manager System back in 2005, it has revolutionized our operating procedures. We use Booking Manager to track everything from reservations, payments and invoicing to crew lists and boarding passes."

Andrijana Ozretić

Charter Manager
Nautika Centar Nava
Nautika Centar Nava
Nautika Centar Nava
Nautika Centar Nava
Nautika Centar Nava


Investments in employees, yachts and bases were crucial to the fast-paced development of Nava Boats. The progressive approach which created Nava's competitive edge wasn't stopping there. From the early stages of the company's development in 2005, Nautika Centar Nava quickly understood and adopted the innovative attitude of one of the first yacht charter software solutions on the market, Booking Manager and used it to further its success.

The possibility of automating each part of their booking process, from sending offers and securing bookings to invoicing. The use of MMK's complete software solution enabled them to safely keep their focus and attention towards the most essential and valuable part of the charter business - the client.

  • Charter Company from Croatia
  • Headquarters in Split
  • MMK partner since 2005
  • CEO: Ingrid Cosic
  • Founded in 1990


Marina Polesana


Marina Frapa

ACI Marina Split

ACI Marina Slano


Marina Nava