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Mallorca Balear Sailing & Charter was founded in 2009, operating successfully for 13 years, from the beautiful Spanish island of Mallorca. The company's founders make a unique team, with one being Mallorca born and the other Austrian that uprooted his life to make Mallorca his permanent residence. MBS team prides itself in providing remarkable customer service and yachts in pristine condition.

Their diverse fleet consisted of 12 boats ranging from motor boats, motor yachts, sailboats and catamarans, allowing bespoke service to all customers based on their needs and preferences. The fleet might be diverse, but the thing that remains consistent is the yacht maintenance, which allows them to prolong the lifecycle of a yacht.

Building genuine relationships with their clients and maintaining a high level of service results in many repeat clients for MBS charter. It is no surprise they have clients that have been booking the same yacht over and over again for years. The maintenance of their fleet, the high level of offered services, and moderate prices are their formula for customer satisfaction and loyalty.

"We are proud to say MBS was MMKs first Spanish client. The System helps us to have less work at the office, prior to using MMK the Agents would have to call us and send emails many times, now they can just check availability through the System."

Anton Gschwandtner

MBS charter
MBS charter
MBS charter
MBS charter
MBS charter


Located in the beautiful Marina Naviera Balear, MBS provides another excellent opportunity for their clients to discover and enjoy the city of Mallorca, 10 minutes walking distance from the city centre bustling with restaurants, bars, cafes, museums and art galleries. The location is ideal for those that wish to experience the enchanting islands of Mallorca and Menorca. Still, during the busiest time of the season, many MBS sailors choose to take an opportunity to ride the winds to the unforgettable Ibiza. This well-rounded selection of desirable sailing destinations is another major contributor to MBS's busy booking schedule.


The effort invested in customer service catered to each client individually resulted in a large workload. While that is exactly what every charter company strives to achieve, MBS recognised the need to speed up processes and implement a system that relieves the team, so the partnership with MMK was a priority from the day the company was founded.

  • Charter Company from Spain
  • Headquarters in Palma de Mallorca
  • MMK partner since 2009
  • CEO: Anton Gschwandtner
  • Founded in 2009


Naviera Balear