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Lava Charter

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  • Charter operator from Spain
  • Offers 12 Sailing Yachts
  • Based in Marina Lanzarote
  • MMK partner since 2015
  • CEO: Michael Ranft
  • 24/7 hour availability


Marina Lanzarnote

Effective Bookings Display via Interactive Booking Sheet

Booking Manager intuitive features make it easier for Lava Charter to manage their business and communicate with clients faster. Interactive Booking Sheet enables Lava Charter to manage bookings and options fast and easy. Also, important reservation details such as check-in date, base, payment status, and additional notes are available for a quick check. Embarkment list allows them to track every detail and provide a customer with the very best service. In addition to greater visibility on the yacht charter market, Lava Charter achieves excellent cooperation with agencies. Also, with Agency report they can check cooperation efficiency and easily decide how to improve business relationships. Thanks to the wide range of Booking Manager system features, agencies are able to add extras to the final offer, thus improving the experience for each client. Such cooperation is extremely appreciated in Lava Charter because it evolves the entire yacht charter market.

"Charter calendar is very well sorted. It is very easy to create bookings, offers, options. Tool is really helpful for us and creates a very good opportunity for all the agencies and guests."

Jan Schaeper

Base Manager
Lava Charter
Lava Charter
Lava Charter
Lava Charter

Beautiful Nature and 24/7 Charter Team Availability

Lava Charter was founded in 2015 with simple motivation - a passion for Sailing. Their fundamental goal is to provide the best service to wind & water enthusiasts. Those clients on the one hand, and the team on the other – make them stronger and motivated to upscale the services even more. Lava Charter is a specialist for holiday activities on about 8 islands where you can do snorkeling, whale watching as well as stand up paddleboarding. The main quality of Lava Charter is people, by following new trends in yacht charter, they quickly notice and recognize client needs and adjust the offer and service together with the locals in order to provide a unique experience. Their headquarters is based in exceptional facilities of the new Marina Lanzarote, where they offer not only an attractive and modern environment but also an inspiring shopping and relaxing experience. It also includes an extensive culinary offer that varies from regional specialties, coffee, and fresh croissants, several fast-food restaurants up to noble lounges for relaxing evenings.