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Hermes Yachting

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Continuous Improvement and Innovations to Make the Best Charter Experience

Hermes Yachting started a charter business in 2006 from Athens as a small family company. Since then, they developed their charter business to one of Greece’s leading fleet operators. Hermes Yachting's goals are to secure and expand its position within the most efficient companies in the Charter industry. Continuous optimizations of the fleet and services portfolio are key points helping the Hermes team achieve this goal.

Maintaining high standards, quality yachts, and safe and professional customer service for more than 14 years allowed them to create a worldwide client network. Between their 50+ sailing yachts, catamarans & motor yachts, located in Olympic Marina, Lavrion and Cleopatra Marina, Preveza, each client can find the perfect yacht for itself and experience tailor-made yacht charter holidays according to their needs. A professional and friendly team will make sailing vacations memorable on one of the most beautiful yachting destinations, enabling guests to enjoy their vacation carefree.

Hermes Yachting team believes that a well-maintained yacht is a first and most important step to a satisfied charter guest and, at the same time, the key to a successful business process. Their professional and educated staff constantly monitors the condition of the yachts and their equipment. Ensuring the longevity of the yacht and equipment is the main focus in making Hermes's fleet operational and safe.

"Revenue Planning option is helping us a lot during a season making our fleet super-efficient and competitive."

Apostolos Tsarouchas

Hermes Yachting
Hermes Yachting
Hermes Yachting
Hermes Yachting
Hermes Yachting
Hermes Yachting

Keeping Up With Market Trends and Making Fleet More Efficient

Revenue planning feature enables Hermes Yachting precise overview of competitors in real-time. Instead of making manual sheets with competitor prices to compare, Booking Manager application is automatically doing the statistics for Hermes team.

This way Hermes fleet manages to function more efficiently and modify prices when needed. Also, revenue planning allows them to easily track the progress of the sales and set up targets for each yacht. Competitor Analysis is becoming more important every year, and Hermes Yachting is making better decisions and sales strategies for every boat type in the fleet with the help of Booking Manager detailed feature. Revenue planning results in achieving goals faster, adjusting business decisions according to market conditions, and creating an efficient environment to improve future quality and position on the yacht charter market. It significantly saves time for Hermes Yachting team and makes their business more profitable.

  • Charter from Greece
  • 50+ Yachts
  • Headquarters in Athens
  • MMK partner since 2013
  • CEO: Apostolos Tsarouchas
  • Founded in 2006


Cleopatra Marina

Olympic Marina