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Green Sail

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Green Sail
Green Sail
Green Sail

Sustainable Tourism Initiative

Green Sail is a new movement that engages, educates, motivates and inspires the sailing, boating and wider industry towards sustainable tourism development and protection of the Adriatic Sea. The company was founded in Egham, United Kingdom, but operates also from Split with an enthusiastic team of nature lovers, coordinating actions to preserve the authentic beauty of the Adriatic Sea.

They cooperate with charter companies, marinas and environmentally friendly businesses and individuals by providing informative and educative activities and materials, as well as conversation starters- Green Sail Flags. With this flag Green Sail wants to start the conversation about recycling and encourage all sea lovers to reduce their impact on the environment by choosing to dock in marinas that are environmentally responsible.

By recycling in marinas, they ensure the waste is being properly handled away from the Sea. The idea behind recycling is to reduce air and water pollution, decrease energy usage, diminish the volume of landfill, reduce greenhouse emissions and take care of our natural heritage for future generations.

Don't Waste Your Waste

Travelers prefer companies that are committed to green practices and the social good because this way they can enjoy sailing knowing that they are investing in a better future. Green Sail provides their partners with support to adopt environmentally friendly practices and promote them further to their cooperates and users. Their current partners have shown concern about the problem of sea pollution and continue to influence their associates and customers towards ecologically friendly behaviour.

Solving Global Problem

Millions of tonnes of trash ends up in the sea every year and the Adriatic is not exempt from this problem. The environmental and economic impacts are both severe and long term. This should concern everyone involved within the nautical sector and push them towards conscious and eco-friendly practices. The most effective way to stop pollution in our seas is to make sure it never reaches the water in the first place.

Reduce, reuse and recycle is their suggestion to move toward a cleaner environment for all to enjoy. As the biggest booking system, Booking Manager network of cooperates will help reach all companies interested in joining the action, which in turn will make a huge difference both locally and abroad. By supporting Green Sail, Booking Manager with the largest distribution network available, will contribute preserving natural heritage. Without a clean environment to operate in, thriving social and economic conditions would not be possible for local people, and the tourism sector would simply cease to exist.

For more information, check out Green Sail website.