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go4sailing.com is the latest yacht charter search website, launched to satisfy the deal-hungry sailor looking for the best offers for their next charter holiday.

Thanks to Booking Manager, go4sailing is able to provide innovative new business model for charter fleets which guarantees more bookings for a charter fleet with far less costs from other traditional agencies. It benefits the client with the ability to quickly find a suitable offer and secure the booking automaticaly.

How it works

The visitors at go4sailing.com can search for the best deals and offers from charter companies and when they find the offer they like, they just make the booking request and the confirmation will be sent from the charter company directly back to them. This gives the client direct contact to the charter company, so any important questions or requests will be dealt with swiftly. Find more information on how the site works, here.

On the portal there are in total 1600+ deals from over 100 charter companies at more than 400 bases for the 2013 season, and counting. As an MMK customer your offers are instantly available for booking on the go4sailing portal. In case of a booking you will be notified by a go4sailing branded email with the details. By clicking on the confirmation link in the email you can accept the request. The booking will be recorded in your MMK Booking Manager system and you can contact the customer to finalise the order.