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Cosmos Yachting

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  • Founded in 1987
  • MMK partner for more than a decade
  • CEO: Jordanis Chatziveroglou
  • Worldwide Market


Ungererstraße 25, Munich

Using New Technologies to Get to The Next Level

Cosmos Yachting was first introduced to Booking Manager at one of the many boat shows both companies attend. Cosmos Yachting management team recognized the opportunity and the quality Booking Manager has to offer and decided to partner up. The industry changed significantly over the past decade, workload used to go trough fax, telefax, email, and phone but nowadays it has shifted towards the digital era and it is impossible to stay successful without the modern technologies Booking Manager brings to the table. It helps to communicate more efficiently, organize bookings and simplifies every aspect of the booking process.

"Over the years when demand was really high on using online booking platform, we choose to go with Booking Manager. To be honest we are very happy about it and would like to continue the cooperation and see MMK succeed and do even better job, develop the technology further and go to the next step."

Nikolaos Moysidis

Manager, Munich
Cosmos Yachting
Cosmos Yachting
Cosmos Yachting

Premium Service Focused on High-Quality Experience

Cosmos Yachting is one of the world’s premier yacht charter agencies, providing high-quality service and attention to detail for over 25 years. Cosmos Yachting offers a wide range of sailing yachts, catamarans and motor yachts in some of the most beautiful destinations in the world such as; Greece, Croatia, Turkey, Spain, Italy, France, the Caribbean, Seychelles, Thailand, Australia, French Polynesia, Madagascar and many more. From day one their philosophy has been to provide high-quality yachting holidays that promote relaxation, fun and unrivaled sense of freedom. Cosmos Yachting takes great pride in treating customers as individuals and takes the time to listen to clients' requirements, so they can be sure they are providing a dream holiday.