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Bavaria Yachts

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  • Manufacturer from Germany
  • Over 41 000 produced Yachts
  • Headquarters in Giebelstadt
  • MMK partner since 2010
  • CEO: Michael Müller
  • Founded in 1978



Yachts customized for the yacht charter market

Experts from Bavaria Yachts Shipyard and Booking Manager team of professionals have a long-lasting bond of cooperation, resulting in Bavaria sailing yacht fleet that is now ideally suited to the needs of the yacht charter market. Not only are their yachts tailored by the market's latest trends, but they are an example of the perfect comfort and aesthetics mix.

Keeping up with the clients' needs has never been easier, due to numerous marketing research that Booking Manager does along with detailed statistics and a summary of its current state with feasible future tendencies. With that kind of up-to-date feedback from charter customers, Bavaria embodies a passion for sailing with engineering ingenuity to make their vessels customized for charter needs. Furthermore, Booking Manager provides their partners with information such as extras that are wanted by the customers, do they need an extra bed in the saloon or an additional cabin. Moreover, the Booking by Type part of the report can determine which type of yacht is high in demand; Catamaran, Sailing or Motor Yacht, and thus generate insightful information for the production planning. We can also notice the trend of renting sailing yachts up to 40 feet and see why Bavaria Shipyard focused their production on the new C38. On one hand, we have a Market Report stating which models of boats were bookable the most, and on the other, we have all that info deployed by the country, the brand, boats age and number of cabins.

"Thanks to the cooperation with MMK, we really know a lot about the wishes and needs of the charter market, and when we develop a boat, we take care of it."

Markus Schlichting

Marketing & PR
Bavaria Yachts
Bavaria Yachts
Bavaria Yachts
Bavaria Yachts

Perfection in every detail

Since its founding, Bavaria Yachts is known as an innovation leader in serial yacht manufacturing. Over 450 sailing yachts and motorboats are manufactured on the Bavaria shipyard in Giebelstadt, near Würzburg. Four production lines, each 125 meters long, a carpenter’s workshop where the entirety of the yacht is constructed, two halls to manufacture hulls and decks, are accommodated on a large surface measuring 200,000 square meters.

It is one of the most contemporary manufacturers of sailing yachts and motorboats worldwide. A Bavaria yacht is the product of the perfect interplay between its components. At its forefront is the immense know-how on boat construction, engineering originality and design. Today, it is possible to realise the whole range of this knowledge with a high degree of accuracy and quality. A combination of the best materials, fixtures and fittings, the best craftsmanship and a dedicated workforce results in something that is the hallmark of every Bavaria: the joy of yachting.