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Yelkenli Yachting

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Great Service with Well-Equipped Yachts in Turkey

Yelkenli Yachting was founded in 2006 by two enthusiastic sailors with a motivation to offer the company's only yacht to fellow sailors to cover it's costs. Soon the founding partners realised that there were many Turkish sailors who couldn't find yachts to charter in their own country and there were many prospective yacht owners who were looking for a reliable management company to charter their yachts. Thus, the number of yachts managed by the company gradually increased to 22 in 2014. Today, Yelkenli Yachting fleet is consisted of 9 Beneteau, 6 Dufour, 2 Bavaria, 1 Jeanneau sailing yachts, 2 Lagoon and 1 Leopard catamarans. Yelkenli Yachting also offers a 72 feet, custom built (on a Bruce Roberts Design), crewed VIP sailing yacht and a Lagoon 560 catamaran, a rare offer in the Mediterranean. Yelkenli Yachting prides itself with having a high repeater client rate, proving the service quality of the company.

Offers that Customer Can’t Refuse

The Booking Manager’s feature Yelkenli uses most frequently is the Quick Price Quote which calculates the correct offer price, according to the defined prices and discounts. Thanks to that, they prepare and send option and booking confirmations from the System with a few clicks. The main base of Yelkenli Yachting is located in Marti Marina at Orhaniye, which is at the heart of the sailing region of southwest Turkey. With secondary bases in Yalikavak / Bodrum and Göcek, the company offers one-ways cruises between Orhaniye, Bodrum and Göcek. That’s the reason why they should have a program where is easy to visualise the possible one-way options and they could offer with a glance on the booking sheet. “Previously, we were doing all these using intricate Google Documents sheets and we were never sure that everything was correct!” - says Anil.

Easiest Way to Reach More Clients

"Starting to use Booking Manager, our agency base widened." - says Anil. In addition to direct agencies, lots of other booking and distribution portals use Booking Manager System as their main database, so Yelkenli can be sure that their fleet is presented to a large number of direct clients, directly and in real time via more than 200 connected web sites and portals.

To learn more about Yelkenli, visit their website: www.yelkenli.com