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Yachtico.com is a large online charter platform that connects fleet operators, agencies and boat owners with people looking for perfect sailing holiday.

At Yachtico.com one can find more than 15000 boats from all over the globe. Yachtico is offering motorboats, sailingboats, catamarans, luxury power boats and even houseboats in various destinations. With more than 50 destinations, everything from the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea to the Indian and Pacific Ocean is covered.

Yactico.com is an experienced platform with its presence of more than 10 years in the online market. The number of boats in their database is constantly expanding and the number of valuable charter providers worldwide is rapidly increasing, thanks to the Booking Manager System.

Yachtico has developed its own search engine for boat and yacht charters, which helps charter operators to get new customers through yachtico.com website. By using the multiple filtering criteria one can simply find the boat he or she is looking for. Once the desired boat is selected it is easy to check the details, prices and pictures and directly request the availability of the boat in some period. If someone wishes to book online, all he needs to do is to enter his personal data, review the booking in order to have it secured and confirm it. After that one can pay for a boat by credit card, PayPal or by money transfer. To find out more about their platform click here.