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Before creating the Velmundi.com web page, Velmundi was a traditional yacht charter agency. They answered clients’ requests by email with an offer of available yachts and prices. And they always felt it was not enough. Velmundi believed that the client should have greater choice, maybe he would prefer to take the yacht 1 week earlier or later, to have newer yacht or better price, or maybe he would like to choose another sailing region. But in an email or phone conversation one cannot show or explain all options. The other thing was that they also regretted when a client chose a yacht from their email offer and the yacht was no longer available. What a missed opportunity!

Velmundi always dreamed that the client could be able the get all optional extras in a few clicks, change the search criteria as many times as he wants and get an offer within a few seconds. Moreover, that client could be able to do that at the time of his convenience, even if it’s 2 o’clock in the morning.

That was not possible until MMK introduced the XML service, which enabled Velmundi to get all info about current discounts and availability and present it in the most user friendly way to the client. XML service is fast, well organized and gives the possibility to upload the most detailed data of each yacht.
And we are talking here about more than 2800 yachts online, so it is really a big amount of data. Fast and detailed support is another great thing about this service. MMK listens and tries to help and sometimes they directly implement our ideas, when it helps in development of the software. Win-win situation.” – says Jakub.

Today on Velmundi.com portal, client can easily change each criteria in the search engine and get all available yachts within seconds. He can update filters as many times as he wishes and will always get the current prices and discounts. Clients usually have different search criteria and YachtGuru gives them the freedom to search according to their wishes and get instant results.

Positive Feedback

Velmundi didn’t have to wait long to get the confirmation that their efforts were appreciated by the clients: Velmundi.com project was rewarded in 2010 by European Union by becoming a laureate of the WSAB competition (competition of most innovative products) organized by the EU within the Human Capital Programme. Project was cofounded by the European Union within the National Cohesion Strategy. 

Cooperation That Gives Great Results

Velmundi's cooperation with Booking Manager brought great results; they became one of the leading worldwide online reservation systems with numerous advantages:

To learn more about Veldmundi and their Velmundi.com portal, please visit their web site www.velmundi.com.