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Stelzl Yachtcharter

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Stelzl Yachtcharter

Tradition Built on Hard Work

Stelzl Yachtcharter is one of the most important Austrian yacht charter agencies, and has been present on the charter market for the last 16 years. In all that time they gained huge experience in organising great sailing vacations and taking care of their clients. The whole team takes their job personally and directly checks what experience their clients will have. They took numerous sailing trips, made intensive market researches, customer interviews and took part in different racing activities to be able to offer professional and experienced service. In combination with their know-how and a refreshed website, Thomas Stelzl and his team are reliable choice for a sailing holiday that is both affordable and pleasent.

Becoming More Competitive

Stelzl Yachtcharter offers variety of choices for a perfect yachting holiday in Croatia, Turkey, Greece, in the Caribbean or any other popular charter destination. For a long time all their work was manual and sailing offers were created according to the printed charter catalogues. Also, website visitors didn't see full information about yacht availabilities and prices and couldn't book directly so they had to call the agency by telephone or send e-mails. For these reasons communication with clients was much slower which made Stelzl Yachtcharter less competitive on the charter market and lose potential clients.

But after integrating the Booking Manager search engine on Stelzl Yachtcharter website the work of the agency has significantly improved and sped up, clients are now able to choose between great choice of available yachts and receive direct calculations and offers automatically. Also in case a client has any additional request, such as skipper or outboard engine, they can again find it and book it in a single place on Stelzl Yachtcharter website. This way Thomas Stelzl and his team can focus more on other aspects of their work, such as promotion and client relationships, and let their clients choose a perfect yacht on their own.

The Right Choice for a Perfect Holiday

Stelzl Yachtcharter is an expert that you can safely choose to sail around the world. With them you can be sure that you will get the best possible offer in the shortest possible time and thanks to successful cooperation with Booking Manager System, Stelzl Yachtcharter clients have unlimited 24/7 access to real time database of yachts for charter.

For more information about Stelzl Yachtcharter and their great offer please visit their website www.stelzl-yachtcharter.at.