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Easy and Affordable Reservations

SailCity is a Slovenian charter agency and one of the most prominent on the market. They offer customers a user-friendly website guaranteeing the lowest price for charter vessels in the Adriatic Sea. On the portal Sailcity.com customers can select from an exceptional variety of vessel types and models, check the exclusive deals, compare vessels, send inquiries and book directly. SailCity provides reservations, chartering of various vessels, plenty of servicing information, as well as advices for enjoying a quality charter holiday.

Benefits for Charter Operators

At the beginning all of SailCity's work was done manually, slowly and with much higher costs than today. By cooperating with Booking Manager System, they completely automated their work, enabled real time offers with exact calculations for guests, started saving time and money, and increased overall productivity. Moreover SailCity.com has a network of more than 300 charter operators and each charter company that they present is equally represented, regardless of the charter size and destination. SailCity also provides individual support which helps them have more personalized contacts with each customer.

Experienced Team for the Best Charter Holiday

The SailCity team is not consisted only of enthusiasts, but also experts that know every hidden corner of Adriatic Sea. They ensure wonderful experience for each and every guest as well as guaranteing the highest privacy protection standards on the market. Their goal is to provide the best and professional service as well as affordable offers for everybody

To find out more about SailCity, please visit their website.