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Introducing the Natural Beauty and Culture of Croatia

Macrocruise is a part of Etnotrend company with 10-year experience in managing two successful brands: charter agency Macrocruise and nautical portal Adriaticsailor. As a part of its vision, Macrocruise seeks to raise a re-awareness human's harmony with nature. Sailing with their team gives you a unique opportunity to be driven by nature's energy in a beautiful surroundings of Croatian coastline and islands.

Macrocruise's customized packages offer you the opportunity to introduce the natural beauty and culture of Croatia, contribute to the preservation of its environment and social development. And their best reference is thousands of satisfied customers worldwide.

Discover the Famous Nautical Destinations in a Different Way

Macrocruise clarifies that apart from their plan to develop programs that will make full use of Croatia's potential as a destination for environmentally-friendly tourism, Croatia has been proclaimed as a country worth visiting not just because of its natural beauty and social development. The 2008 Environmental Performance Index (EPI), produced by a team of environmental experts at Yale University and Columbia University, ranked Croatia as the twentieth "greenest" country in the world. That's why their future plans include offers in cooperation with local partners, additional services that will provide a greater experience of the destination and the Mediterranean lifestyle.

Macrocruise also offers a customized tours for their daily guests. Trips last for several hours and they include a certified guide, transfer and dinner which continues the story of the trip and enables clients to discover the famous nautical destinations in a different way.

By providing full service, from initial contact with guests, listening to their wishes and demands, to organising complete sailing vacation, Macrocruise is creating a valuable database of happy clients who can be sure to receive the best possible service.

The Endless Possibilities of Customization

Macrocruise's cooperation with Booking Manager started in 2010 and brought great results. For such a unique agency as Macrocruise, it was very important that the System can offer many possibilities wich can be customized for each agency individually. Before using Booking Manager, Macrocruise had to search for yachts in their own manually created database, wait for a reply from charter operators about the yacht availability and create offers one by one, that took hours.

By using the XML web service data export, Macrocruise is now able to export more than 4000 yachts with prices, discounts, availability and all needed info and publish it on their website in order to help clients to find the most suitable yachts along Croatian coastline fast and easy. "After we had started using XML from Booking Manager System, the time needed for creating offers was reduced drastically and it helped us to increase the number of requests and bookings and reach our maximum." - says Zoran.

To find out more about Macrocruise, please visit their website.