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Kekeris Yachts

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Kekeris Yachts

A Wonderful Sailing Experience in Greece

Kekeris Yachts is a family-owned company with privately owned fleet and important mission - providing lifetime vacation experiences to their clients. With a tradition of 32 years and valuable experience in nautical tourism, Kekeris became one of the most famous Greek charter operators that considers guests as friends whose satisfaction is the most important. With 33 sailing yachts located in 3 bases: Athens, Kos, Preveza, Kekeris Yachts represents one of the leading charter companies in Greece, offering yachts from the world's most famous shipyards like Elan, Bavaria and Beneteau. For Kekeris, high quality is what matters the most and as a first company in Greece that guarantees 24-hour technical support and yacht service provided by their own company "Alpha Yacht Technical Management", they guarantee their guests safe sailing around the Greek islands. Before becoming Booking Manager partner, Kekeris yachts spent a lot of time on creating offers, updating discounts manually and issuing needed financial reports in excel. After understanding that booking system is urgently needed in their office, Booking Manager System was logical next step.

Bookings and Client Details at One Place

By using the Local Booking Manager program, Kekeris team automated their back-office work and saved a significant amount of time and money. They can now easily overview all check-ins and check-outs on a particular day by creating the Embarkment lists that contain all info about ordered extra services or special client wishes, notes or debts. "Payment Analyser is also very helpful to check the overdue payments and send the reminder emails within 2 minutes. Also the statistics that provide the total income for every yacht separately or the grand total income of every year has radically changed the way we work at the office, as this was something we had to do manually in the past." - says Angelos Moschovelis, General Manager

Improved Marketing and Better Clients Relations

Booking Manager gives Kekeris Yachts possibility to have their own address book in the program. After an agency searches for their boat on www.booking-manager.com agency portal, all information, such as company's name, email, address, website, etc., will be automatically saved in the program so Kekeris team can filter all wanted agencies and send them great special offers or newsletters. This way Booking Manager System becomes very useful not only for back office but also for marketing and clients relations.

To learn more about Kekeris Yachts, please visit their web site: www.kekeris-yachts.com