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Flexible Loyalty Program

Hatch! is an innovative mobile marketing solution offering a simple and effective way to influence customer behaviour and impact their habits by rewarding their loyalty. It is made up of three modern business tools: Customer Relation Management (CRM) which enables detailed monitoring of customer habits, Digital Marketing Tool for mobile advertising to effectively communicate with targeted audience and Customer Loyalty program based on digital coupons and point system which rewards repeating customers.

Hatch! Loyalty Program is a natural solution for yacht charter business and empowers companies to promote their brand in a unique way while rewarding customers for their loyalty. Clients are rewarded by receiving a certain amount of Points/Eggs that represent a currency which customers can collect and spend on different benefits, such as special discounts or a free service after reaching certain spending target promoted by a marketing campaign. Hatch! is flexible and each loyalty holder is able to define reward rules in as many details as he likes.

The Program is completely digitalized, available as both mobile and web application and enables a customer to easily track all the news and offers that company wants to promote and improve brand awareness.

Encourage Customers to Collect Points

Unlike traditional loyalty programs, Hatch! practices a targeted marketing and measurable efficiency of a promotional campaign. The program is easy to use and is already integrated into Booking Manager back office system. This enables companies to easily create target audience and to design various types of reward campaigns.

Different campaign criteria can be used as a trigger to stimulate customers such as additional discount for a certain period of service or period of booking as well as the special benefits for new clients.

Each of Hatch! components enables a company to improve communication with the audience, attract new customers and reward existing clients in order to preserve their loyalty. 

Hatch! and Booking Manager

Hatch! and Booking Manager are both innovative online solutions which improve the sales process and increase profits of companies using it. While Hatch! approaches the challenge from a perspective of client behaviour and relationship, Booking Manager approaches it from the organizational and operational side.

By integrating Hatch! as the additional extension to Booking Manager, charter companies are able to track their customers earning and spending Hatch! points directly from Booking Manager online booking tools. All Hatch! benefits are always at their fingertips.

Booking Manager online tools are effective to reach the clients, Hatch! knows how to keep them. This makes these two systems a perfect match.

For more information, check out Hatch! website.