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Three Portals - One Company

Happycharter is a well-known German yachtcharter portal that has been operating since 2003. It is, together with Yachtall and Profinautik, one of the three portals that are the part of Yachtino Gmbh Group. On Happycharter portal, client can find the charter operator, rent a yacht for specific period, see yachs that are on sale and much more. Happycharter is providing all necessary information about boat shows, destinations, marinas, etc. They are operating from Germany, but their scope has always been international. Happycharter is available in seven languages, including Russian. The way Happycharter works is 100 % transparent: they take the all the risk and provide a full 4-months-free-trial to charter operators who want to find out how many quality leads can be delivered to them. Happycharter has been growing organically ever since they started. “No start-up story, no jargon, no obligations to investors. Just us hands-on serving the charter market.” - says Thomas.

Different Way to Success

Since they started operating in charter business, they were not working as an agent and they were not charging a commission, but charging only an annual fixed fee. Thanks to an excellent cooperation and golden partnership with Booking Manager System, more then 4000 yachts can be presented on their portal with showing details and special offers, which attracts more and more guests to use their services. “A lot of companies using Booking Manager System have been our customers for a long time. In future they will benefit, too. We are currently working on being able to import their updated prices and discounts”. - says Thomas.

Easy Integration that Will Improve Your Business

To easily promote your fleet via Booking Manager System on Happycharter portal, please contact Mr. Thomas Fock. He will be your contact person and give you all the information about easy integration that will help you to get more bookings and to reach a better place on the market.

To learn more about Happycharter, visite their websites: www.happycharter.com