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Boomerang Yachting & Charter

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Boomerang Yachting & Charter

Dynamic Company With Professional Approach

Boomerang Yachting & Charter was founded in 2003 and since then is providing the best possible services to the clients. The fleet is based in the Costa Smeralda in North East of Sardinia, one of the most desireable sailing destinations in Italy and Europe. Today, Boomerang offers 29 yachts ranging from 35 to 53 feet, including 3 catamarans (two Lagoons 400 and Lagoon 440), 5-cabin Sun Odyssey 509 and a new Oceanis 38. All boats are kept in excellent condition and equipped according to the modern standards, making the sailing experience as safe as possible. Their young and dynamic team is always at clients' disposal, staying by their side all along their holiday for any assistance or service a client may need.

Booking Manager System - Boomerang's First and Only Choice

For many years, Boomerang's fleet wasn't presented in any system, nor did they use any distributional channels. In 2009 they recognized advantages of Booking Manager System as the best possible solution for them on the market. Thanks to successful and longtime cooperation with Booking Manager, Boomerang Yacht Charter fleet is available in the System with real time availabilities and enabled for direct booking to more then 1300 agencies registered on www.booking-manager.com. Also, being part of the Booking Manager System, opened completely new markets for Boomerang Yachting & Charter, as they started to automatically promote their fleet on more than 200 connected online portals and websites. "MMK System is the cornerstone of our success - the availability and prices of our boats are always published in real time and our partners spend only a minute to create an option or make a booking and they have all the correct information at one place. Also, in this way - they save their and our time." - says Sergio Contu, Owner and Base Manager.

New Ways to Be More Productive

During the 6 years of using the program, Boomerang team has been discovering advanced features that made their work faster, such as financial performance report which is generated directly from the Local Booking Manager program Thanks to that report, they can check which agency or direct guest booked the most or track all discounts or agency commissions that they gave in a specific period. "Last year, after the boat show in Prague, thanks to MMK's agencies performance report, we noticed that the number of reservations by Czech agencies increased and we decided to go in Prague again this year." - says Sergio.

To learn more about Boomerang, visit their website: www.boomerangcharter.com