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Adria Yacht Center

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Adria Yacht Center
Adria Yacht Center

Evolution in Yacht Charter

AYC is one of the longest serving Charter companies in Croatia, celebrating 37 years of charter in 2016. During this time, the AYC fleet has relocated only once to our home base of Vodice, where the fleet has found a unique home and become part of the Vodice coast. If the vibrant party town of Vodice is not appealing the AYC fleet home can be found in Krvavica in the south, where a more intimate alternative atmosphere is waiting.

Not so many years ago Adria Yacht Center offered its fleet of sailing boats for weekly charters only and being a family company for many decades it acquired many loyal and satisfied clients. AYC realised that the best way to keep customers happy is to offer different experiences, so today they share the joy of sailing by providing events like the “Target Sailing Regatta” and the “Vodice Cup Regatta” giving the opportunity to sailor clients to develop their skills and knowledge in a safe and fun arena. "We are very proud of these events and the value they offer to our business, not to mention the fun we all have running them" - says Frank.

Learning is Fun

The "3-Day Skipper course" AYC runs in Vodice has become very popular, thanks to our in-house trainers, all of them are local skippers with the knowledge and experience most sailors can only dream of.

AYC is well known for its "All Inclusive charter" offer that gives the client the opportunity to arrive and just check-in with nothing else to do. It has always been the concept of AYC to provide the biggest selection of boats with the largest range of price options possible. Their loyal clients say AYC has the secret to yacht charter in Croatia. “Choice and Quality” is what they return for each year and now with the AYC Sailing Academy with 3-Day skipper courses they are sharing experiences with many other new clients.

Something for Everyone

If you are an experienced sailor with countless nautical miles at the helm or if you just want to enjoy the magic of sailing in Croatia for the first time, AYC has something for you. The AYC fleet is unique in what it offers, because from their largest boats such as the Sun Odyssey “Macchiato”, or the 50 DS's “Forus” and “Big Strong Bird” to the elite match fleet of Elan 431 a true Pix n Mix of sailing boats are on offer. If it’s a two cabin or five cabin boat you need, it is available and all ready for charter with the AYC guaranteed standard.

While providing some new services was an important step to ensure the future and uniqueness of the company, it would not have been possible without improving the organisation and marketing tools in the office. Booking Manager provided the solution to seamlessly manage Bareboat and All Inclusive offers, with direct client relations as well as a growing agency network, website booking automation and the professional newsletter integration with the company Address Book. Now when a client makes a real-time booking on the AYC website, they are automatically placed in the system and connected with billing and invoicing subsystems as well as marketing and newsletters without any manual intervention.

"The Booking Manager offers so much more than our primitive booking system we used many years ago and after trying other booking platforms and programs available, we are now confident that our golden partnership with MMK gives us the quality and best practice expected in today's charter market. The team at MMK have just about thought of every possible function that a business needs to run and if not we just make a request and the MMK support team gets to solving our request" - says Frank Honan

To find out more about Adria Yacht Center, please visit their website.