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Best Ways To Promote Without Boat Shows


Best Ways To Promote Without Boat Shows
Ana Vaci

18 January, 2022 | 5 min read

Every charter fleet and agency in our industry is relying heavily on boat shows to meet new clients and catch up with the existing ones to maintain good relationships. How can you expect to acquire and retain customers if the most important tool for that gets canceled, like the boat show in Dusseldorf? Here are some tips and low-cost boat show alternatives you can use to invest in yourself today.

1. Availability and Convenience

Make it effortless for your clients, and they will stay; make it difficult, and they will leave. The art of making your product available, simple to buy, and easy to use is increasing your sales results and making a satisfied customer.

There is no need to invest significant money in approaching agencies when using Booking Manager as charter fleet. When you are a part of the System, you are automatically shown to all the agents filtering what's best suited for their clients. Easily introduce your fleet to potential customers and be available in real-time.


If you are an agent, make it easy for your clients to have all the information in one place. You can use our Widget or API solutions and integrate Booking Manager's database onto your own website, completely adapted to your visual identity.

2. Accuracy and Uniqueness

Data is only truly useful if it's accurate. Reaching the right people with the right product details comes from managing your data effectively and will likely result in improved customer satisfaction and a greater return on investment.

Maintain your data regularly and point out your specificities. On Booking Manager, as a charter you can add the brochure or any public document with more details for every boat, and fill out important information about equipment to make sure you are filtered among other charters if specific equipment is required by agent (see picture below). Bare in mind to add base info to your offer to avoid any mistakes.

Agents can help charters be as accurate as possible by notifying them if they notice inconsistencies and mistakes.

3. Picture Perfect

It's essential to make a positive impression on people who see your ads. By using high-quality images in your advertising and marketing, you can display a professional image to your audience. This is the reason why businesses should pay special attention to advertising their products.

As a charter fleet, having perfect pictures of the exterior and interior of your boats, as well as having professional creatives in every material visible to potential clients, makes your product desirable to your target audience. It's a must to have a layout of the boat so clients can have the full picture.

When using Booking Manager, fill your profile with quality pictures, stand out and leave your potential clients with a perfect first impression!

4. Be Competitive, But Play Fair

If you want to stand out, give your potential clients an opportunity to try out your services for a special price. Also, you can award your existing clients with special prices to have the best user experience, all in accordance with the principles of fair competition.

When using Booking Manager to maintain your bookings and manage office tasks, discounts can be easily used in your local application. Choose agencies or users that you want to award with lower prices, and have them enjoy special benefits, either because of their loyalty or to gain a new client.

Use Booking Manager's Revenue Planning feature to compare prices with competition in a specific period and area to recognize the right time to give discounts.

For agents, Booking Manager can be useful to find the best offers for their clients by filtering discounted weeks.

5. Stay in Touch

Use your database of clients to engage through newsletters – send them important company news, industry reports, or information about special offers. Use the tool of your own choice – Mailchimp, MailerLite, Braze, or something else.

If you are already a part of the Booking Manager family, either as a charter fleet or an agency, then you are halfway through. With the System, you can take advantage of your address book or the Mailchimp integration and have lists ready to use. Use them to make your clients feel special! Check the data about your previous cilents, and take the opportunity to congratulate their birthdays! Or filter your users by specific criteria, make your target audience and aim them with personalized messages.

6. Be Creative. Be Distinctive

Make your brand recognizable and do outstanding content. Your logo should be unique and impressionable and used on all the materials.

So, don't forget. If you are using Booking Manager, customize your quotes so that every client has the oportunity to interact with your brand.

7. Get Online

Be active on social media – it can help build your brand and make you more available to your potential clients through another channel. Use it for communication and for, earlier mentioned, content that is of vital importance. Let your clients know that you are the expert - give them tips and educate them on important subjects in your industry.

Make a Google My Business account, fill it with important and accurate information and ask your satisfied clients to leave reviews. Don't forget to take care of your good (and bad) reviews for clients to feel appreciated and be willing to answer questions.

8. Data, Data, Data

Measure your efforts and use the gained knowledge in your future campaigns! Know what's working well and what's a waste of time. You can apply marketing strategies all day, but if they aren't effective, those efforts don't matter in the long term.

Measuring marketing effectiveness is crucial to improving your go-to strategies over time. Through Booking Manager, statistics are always available in numbers or charts, whether they are agency reports or reports about your yachts, prices or reservations. Allow the System to calculate conversion rates for every one of your boats for you, and see which agency is most successful in selling your product.