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Charter website content that sells!


Charter website content that sells!
Lorena Franjic

18 July, 2022 | 5 min read

Website is arguably the primary marketplace for your charter business. Showcasing your fleet and the variety of your offer is priority no 1. However, to sell more charter weeks, website content should be just as important. Nowadays, copywriting is considered an art form, but following some simple guidelines and common sense, one can significantly improve the customer experience and SEO ranking.

1. Love on the First Click

According to scientists, the attention span is getting shorter by the day. Remember you are not writing a novel, and don’t save your key info for the epic ending. Dazzle them from the first sentence! Use the unique advantage only charter businesses have. Your product is exciting on its own all you have to do is translate that into a copy.

Start with some exciting data:

Questions can be an excellent hook as well:

Another cool trick you should remember is to keep your content scannable. Many people will skim your page, and there is nothing more unappealing than a massive block of text.

  • Use headers
  • Bullet points
  • White space
  • Pictures

See what I did just now? Make the content easy to consume and process.

2. Paint the Picture

Chartering a yacht and enjoying a sailing holiday is on everybody’s bucket list! And even if it’s not, you can make it by describing exactly what they can experience.

Writing charter website content is much like painting, a dash of unforgettable seabound sunsets, a pinch of goosebumps while listening to the waves and a brush stroke of adrenalin when a gust of wind hits the sails right. This is an opportunity for you to be creative. Nobody knows your sailing region the way you do. Share your passion and knowledge with your clients - most of your target audience will appreciate it. The destination is your best partner, and it pretty much sells itself, so don’t be shy to share beautiful images.

Remember that what you offer is the experience, not just a yacht and optional extras. If you do it right, the extras will become a must.

3. I Spy With my Little Eye

When establishing what type of content your website lacks, the easiest move you can make is - SPY!

You don’t need to become Sherlock; just keep an eye on the competition. A simple keyword google search will give you plenty of resources for your research. See what performed well for your competition and gather inspiration for your content, find the gaps and weak spots and jump on the opportunity to fill them in.

Once you know what the clients are searching for, you will get the priceless “leg up” and the chance to answer the questions that had never been answered before and be the solution for their hesitations.

4. Google is your Friend

You are writing content for your clients and potential, but if they can’t find it then all that effort is for nothing, so keep in mind that your copy needs to be optimised for search engines. Ensure that keywords relevant to your yacht charter niche are included in titles, subheadings and meta descriptions. Don’ be intimidated by SEO - it’s not rocket science, algorithm cannot outsmart you if you play by the rules.

  • Headline - add your primary keyword
  • Body of text - add another 5-10 keywords or 1% keyword density
  • Metadata - make it short, sweet and encourage to click
  • URL - to the point so people know what they are clicking on
  • Interlink - add links to other helpful content
  • Optimise images - resize for faster loading, and add alt tags
In this day and age the website is your storefront. Treat your content as your window display. Keep it relevant, rich and fun but above all else make sure it shines the light on your product – the sailing experience!