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360 Virtual Walk!


360 Virtual Walk!
Marino Gluhak

25 November, 2022 | 5 min read

“As the saturation of the world yacht charter business grows, the need to create distinction between competitors steadily rises. It is becoming apparent that saying “we are unique”, “we offer a new sailing perspective to our clients” is simply not enough anymore. Customers as well as agents and agencies seek constant reassurance that you are keeping up with what you are claiming. So what’s better than taking them all on journey of delivering on your promises?”

1. Immersive Visual Experience

In a competitive market such as Yacht Charter, the traditional showcase materials like still pictures, verbal descriptions, brochures and ads are no longer achieving as many sales. The market seems to be oversaturated with basic showcase materials and the clients are less interested, the "never shorter" attention span of only 7 seconds isn't helping either.

There are of course, new technologies, that can help you attract customers attention again. If you want to get noticed you need to think outside of the box. One of the best and most popular ways is by using the interactive technology of a 360° virtual tour.

If people don't know what to expect, they're less likely to pay. Virtual tours help solve this challenge, giving consumers the ability to 'try' the experience and giving charter companies the ability to show off what makes them special.

2. The Proper Timing

The timing of implementation for each and every innovation is crucial in order to reap the wanted benefits. In terms of creating distinction between you and your competitors, it is imperative that you enter the market as an early adopter, if not as an innovator.

This is a clear signal of the adaptability and outside of the box thinking to your clients. For them this is proof of your aim to bring new benefits and understanding their potential pain-points. This is especially true when chartering a boat to clients that are new to the sailing world and could be your potential repeater client.

Imagine buying a car just by looking at the picture...this just doesn’t happen. When the implementation of new technologies such as 360 Virtual Tours of boats becomes a standard, that means you are probably too late!

3. NOT Just a "Piece of Technology"

Thinking about the 360 virtual tours as just a piece of new technology you want to implement to your business is inadequate at best. You need to consider that this is a project that requires investment, time, effort and most of all planning.

This is proven especially true when considering the potential use, you can use it in marketing to view and measure each tour any potential client takes, sales to familiarize clients with the specific boat to a new extent, or even HR to educate new employees on boat features and functionality.

The implementation options are almost limitless and depend on your imagination. However, the decision making at the end of the day will most likely come to a point of weighing the pros and cons of this project so let’s get the important ones highlighted here:


Booking Manager prides itself with the title of one of the innovators in the Charter Industry so naturally the System had been adjusted to support the 360 Virtual Tours on Booking Manager Portal. All Charter Companies that decide to upgrade their showcase to 360 can now have the virtual walks displayed to over 5000 agents that use Booking Manager daily. If you wish to have your virtual tours as a part of Yacht Details page on Booking Manager please let us know, our team will happily make that available for you!

To get even more information and get more involved with this hot new topic on the market, listen in on the presentation by Roman & Luka at the Booking Manager Summit 2022, by following this LINK!