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20 Years of MMK - Our Story

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Once upon a time, in 2002, a young developer with a head full of ideas (and hair) got hired by a major charter company to help them automate their work. He was enthusiastic and tackled the task head-on. Once it was done, he realised that many, MANY charter companies could use this solution to work so much faster, more efficiently and more optimised.

"This is brilliant!" - He thought!

"This product needs to be in every office of every charter company to support them!" - He thought!

It’s not that easy! As with every major innovation, the reception was lukewarm, at best.... But he really believed!

His next thought was: "Investment! I need investment to build this thing!" And by some miracle, he managed to find Branko, the person that believed in the product just as passionately, and he happened to have the pockets lined just enough to get things off the ground! So he kept on building, both the software and the team, because the perfect solution is nothing more than another challenge if it's not being used!

Soon another enthusiast joined the team. Unlike the developer, she was a people person. She spoke languages, not codes and enjoyed chit-chat more than smacking bugs with a slipper. Together they made a perfect duo, by then Booking Manager was ready to revolutionise the charter market! They loaded their laptop and a barely operational tablet into a beat-up Peugeot and travelled for months to attend every Boat Show they could reach. They presented the product to every company they ran into. When they weren't on the road, they were hosting seminars out of their makeshift office they could barely fit in. Good things come to those who work hard, because by another miracle manifested by nothing other than perseverance and genuine belief in the product, Booking Manager became a thing!

Not just any thing, it really entered almost every office in almost every charter company in the world! 900 charter companies, to be exact, in over 500 destinations planet-wide.

20 Years of MMK - Our Story
20 Years of MMK - Our Story
20 Years of MMK - Our Story
20 Years of MMK - Our Story
20 Years of MMK - Our Story
20 Years of MMK - Our Story
20 Years of MMK - Our Story


20 years later, "the developer" is nowhere to be found - the rumour has it that he is on a deserted island living his best life drinking finest scotch out of a coconut. WRONG!

He is right here in MMK's headquarters! You read that right - headquarters! 40 people work on his "silly little idea" nowadays. The 2-man-band grew into several departments, the beat up old Peugeot is now replaced by much more comfortable plane rides, and you can easily spot the shiny RED MMK booth on every major charter event. There are so many solutions MMK has to offer, there are offices it has yet to reach, the work is not done, it just started rolling - the digitalisation of the charter industry had only just begun!

This might sound like one of those garage success stories, but there is one major difference! Here at MMK we know that the key to our success lies in your hands. If it wasn't for your trust, Booking Manager wouldn’t be #1 on the market.

So from the bottom of our hearts, we want to say THANK YOU!

  • For 20 years of successful cooperation!
  • For 3.2 million of bookings that went through Booking Manager.
  • For meeting MMK team at 400 boat shows and events!
  • For helping us build a solution we all needed!
  • And, of course, for all the fun memories we created over the years!

Thank you!