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State of the Yacht Charter Market in 2022
2022 was widely looked at as the first year of real recovery for the industry; with travel stabilizing and with no major surprises or restrictions; unfortunately, even if the latter has been proven right, many companies had suffered such severe damages from the pandemic that only two options were left to them, sell or close.
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State of the Yacht Charter Market in 2021
The past two seasons have been challenging for the whole industry, and while most companies managed to cope with the situation, it did not go through without damages. We bring you state of the Yacht Charter market for 2021.
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The Quest for Profitability in Charter
Professional charter companies are in constant search of profitability. With the rising competition, more and more new boats in the market, this task seems to be getting harder every year.
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State of the Yacht Charter Market in 2020
2020 is only a little more than half-way over but it seems like it will never end. Every charter professional is coping with the pandemic in their own way, and luckily most are surviving. For now.
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